Gel Manicure

Gel Manicure
Beauty comes from inside, inside the manicure parlor
The product is thin and strong enough to be applied similarly to nail polish, but it is cured in a way that gives great flexibility and durability. Shellac is for clients who want to maintain natural nails.
What is so great about gel manicure?

Any person can get a gel manicure, whether you have natural nails (lengthy or brief), or intend to get tips glued on first. Stacked up against a regular manicure, gels last longer, feel stronger, and shine like no one’s business.

Below’s exactly how the process works: Like your ordinary manicure, a gel manicure starts with cutting the nails, gently saturating the hands as well as a complete hand-cleaning. The polish itself is where things obtain different: You’ll start with a base coat layer that primes your nails for the gel, which is an unique kind of gloss that– instead of air-drying– obtains firmed up under a UV light.

Can you get gel manicure with short nails?

Don’t obtain us incorrect, we like a 2-inch-long, Cardi B-inspired manicure as much as the following person, however we’re not shocked to see more and more people accepting the short-nail trend. It’s absolutely an extra sensible choice for us non-famous folk, as well as short nails call for less upkeep as well as time to perfect than, for instance, some of the wild nails that Kylie Jenner is known to wear.

Brief nails absolutely do not need to be monotonous. Gel manicures on brief nails can be simply as attention-grabbing, artistic, and imaginative as those on longer nails.

Anyone can get a gel manicure, whether you have natural nails (long or short), or want to get tips glued on first.

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